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In addition to stating that you divorced Damita because of her infidelity, you have tried to excuse your own infidelity with the fact that you almost committed suicide twice.I totally understand being at a low point in life but sex in your new relationship which produced a child was also a choice.According to Damita, Deitrick picked up and left her almost immediately after the death of her mother.“Nobody’s stupid,” Damita told Path MEGAzine of Deitrick’s questionable timeline of events.

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In Deitrick Haddon’s case, it sounds like it was self-inflicted. This scripture never said that someone can abuse you in any way or constantly do the same sin – as there would be no evidence of repentance.

But the truth is, most things are not a “secret” they are just not someone else’s business. No one can tell you that you made the right or a poor choice in getting divorced, only you know your situation but do not encourage others to do the same.

Likewise, we see people in the Christian community who are walking away from their marriages for irreconcilable differences, infidelity and quite frankly drama that we don’t really need to know about. Deitrick uploaded a picture of him and his new boo-thang with his brand new baby on New Year’s Eve (my birthday).

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Marriage is a covenant from God and man can not make it insignificant.

We are seeing the reality shows use the word “wives” when, on most of the shows where the word is used, these women are not a “wife” in the position of the word.

Now, Damita, who has been rather quiet regarding the split, is speaking out.

For starters, the recently remarried gospel singer says that her ex-husband definitely impregnated his current wife, Domonique, while they were still married.

“It has been brought to my attention that Deitrick Haddon recently made some very hurtful statements about me.

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