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We hope that when you set down and figure out your budget, you pay special attention to your reef tank, for they also need to be cleaned and nurtured so that the life that resides inside can keep growing.

I have to say that there has not been a time at GARF that we have found a tank that we could not bring back to its original beauty.

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Also, I know that I broke some of the buttons down below. We have a few plans in mind, but are working tirelessly to make everything work better.

Please be patient as I get these updated and moved to the new store page. If you find a button down below, or on our store page, and you would like to order it, please email us exactly what you would like and we will be happy to get you an invoice sent out. For now, we want you to continue using the buttons here, but also check out the Facebook page We are posting new items there for the time being, and will also continue to update you here on our progress of the website.

I have so much to share, as the miracles of life Mother Nature blesses GARF with each day continue to unfold.

Meanwhile, we need for you to push these pay pal buttons to help support our efforts so that the treasure chest full of answers, and questions yet to be asked will continue to grow.

Please bear with us, as we work on updating the website.

All of the information on our site is so vitally important that is hard to figure out where to begin, so we have decided to keep all of the data, projects, and research on the site, get rid of the duplicate information, edit and continually share new products as well as projects as they come about.We thank you for your continued support throughout the years, and we hope that you will continue to support our mission in years to come. This is Sally Jo Headlee, I am so excited, and humbled as to how much work is ahead of me to try and make our website more user friendly, to share new projects, updates, and specials.We are always available via email at [email protected], as well as Facebook. I am finally rolling up my sleeves and putting my saltwater hands to work, and bringing GARF's website back to all of our followers who have made us known throughout this incredible hobby.Please hang in there as we make changes to the website, and continue to update you on the progress as we go along.It will be a time consuming, and lengthy process, but please know changes are in the works, and we will do everything we can to answer questions in the meantime.We have selected packages for all tank problems as well as tank sizes.

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