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The true picture is a good deal more mixed, but as more examples of predictive analytics in government come to light, it's time for some proper oversight.

Jacinda Ardern has drawn on our national pride in New Zealand's nuclear-free stance to rally support for her decision to end offshore oil drilling.

It said that the eminent monetarist economist Milton Friedman now recognised his advice to the Chilean Government was quite wrong and he had returned all his consultancy fees.

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The terrorists plan to kill half the passengers but, because they're sadistic, they gave you a gun and ordered you to select and execute the victims.

There is an ongoing public argument about the government’s macroeconomics stance.

The front cover shows the 1975 Land March, which she led, passing through Auckland.

Barry Soper reckons the Māori seats should be abolished because the "need for them has long passed". I have one outstanding police complaint in relation to quite despicable harassment at my place of business.

A child playing dress-up made me think of nothing so much as the leadership on display in New Zealand's 52nd parliament.

In terms of political theatre, not much beats a select committee hearing when there is the smell of scandal in the air.

There was once a story of the drunk who would roll his way to the voting booth to vote for prohibition.

He explained that he supported public ownership of liquor outlets.

According to the Treasury forecasts – which do not differ greatly from those of any other reputable forecasters – the economy is in a sweet spot.

Output is expected to grow at about 2.9 percent a year over the next four years and employment about 1.7% p.a. When Jacinda Ardern announced million in urgent funding to help meet the needs of homeless people this winter, she made the unusually honest Prime Ministerial concession that this was not going to be enough. On the back is Whina Cooper with her granddaughter starting out on a lonely dirt road that seems to be going nowhere.

But her announcement has echoes of Douglas and Prebble as much as Lange and Palmer When Jacinda Ardern was asked to justify her government's decision to stop issuing oil drilling permits forthwith she drew on a memory that sits deep in her party's - and our country's - soul. The decision for me, however, recalls another controversial move by that same fourth Labour government.

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