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Since sugar dating sites cater to a wealthy demographic, they have a much higher percentage of fake profiles, scammers, and individuals posing as someone else.

If users don’t have anything positive to say, they just omit leaving a positive review.

Solving the problem of sexual consent : DWB’s built-in dating suite of smart contracts gives their users better protection.

Our profiles allow members to easily state intentions and expectations, and agree to them through blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

Finally, you can get the relationship you’ve always wanted.

As such, demand for sugar dating services and applications has increased as people are continuously looking for these specific types of dating services.

Despite their popularity, sugar dating sites face several problems such as: A massive influx of fake profiles and imposters (catfishing) are overrunning most online dating services.

Online, anyone can portray themselves any way they want. Imagine this – after trying various dating platforms, you’ve found a site that you like and you’ve been out on a few dates.

Unbeknownst to you, the website you are using stores your private information centrally, and doesn’t do an effective job of protecting your data.

On the other hand, for the sugar babies, how can they be sure that the sugar daddies or Sugar Mommas they’re interested in are actually as great as they say they are?

It’s been revealed that MANY users on existing sugar sites are simply posing as sugar daddies and sugar mommas as a way to lure unsuspecting users to contact them.

You’ve found someone you seem to connect with online, but how can you determine what kind of person they are in real life?

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