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Actually, you should try to be the man who can call the shots or make decisions; of course after considering her opinions and suggestions.Also, remember to always look her straight into the eyes whenever you’re talking to her, and let her see the real man in you.They might just have something the good looking ones don’t.

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African women love men who belong to something, or men who are concerned with the needs of other people in the society.

You should try and be actively involved in church work, community service or any organizational activities, and you’ll be surprised to see how African girls are easily attracted to men who at least belong to something.

It’s universally known that women are typically attracted to confident men, and an African woman is not an exception.

As a matter of facts, African girls are generally considered as strong women and will never be attracted to a man who hints weakness.

Well, this might earn you points but if you’re really interested in dating African women, then it’s important for you to learn how to create chemistry with them by engaging them in your conversation.

In simple words, you should always try to have a conversation with a girl that you’re interested in by telling her what she really wants to hear, and at the same time, listening to her whenever she talks without dominating the conversation all the time.

In addition, this will also make them view you as a man who actually cares about others; this also makes you a perfect candidate for a husband.

While this might not be acceptable in the African culture, it’s definitely more effective for anyone who intends to attract an African woman.

All you have to do is as simple as being relaxed when you’re around girls.

Then, go ahead be keen on observing the environment around you including people and you’ll certainly have plenty of jokes to crack and attract a series of African girls around you. Most men love to talk about themselves or football.

It’s easy to think that an ugly man with a pretty or hot woman is probably with her because he may be fully loaded and probably throwing a lot of her cash her way. But there are other reasons why women date men other people think are ugly. Women like to feel good Women tend to like men who make them FEEL good.

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