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Put simply, this means that in a 20-year period only 200 sons, instead of 250, born to the 50 original family heads we have designated would produce families of their own.

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But in the fourth generation they will return here, because the error of the Amorites has not yet come to completion.”​—Ge -16. Similarly with the Egyptologists, the differences among them in dating the dynasties of Egypt have amounted to centuries, making their dates unusable for any specific period.

Jewish tradition reckons the count from Isaac’s birth. E., when Isaac was about 5 years old and Ishmael about 19, as the date of the start of affliction. It was also a period of grace, or of divine toleration, allowed the Canaanites, a principal tribe of whom were Amorites. (De 2:7; Nu 9:1; 13:1, 2, 6; Jos 14:6, 7, 10) This makes a total number that clearly fits the apostle’s round figure of “about four hundred and fifty years.” Both these chronological references therefore support the year 1513 B. Even in recent times rulers have tried to obliterate the works and reputations of their predecessors.

The number of children born during each five-year period from and after 1563 B. (Ex ) So the total population was possibly over three million persons going up out of Egypt.

It is not surprising that the Egyptian royalty hated to let such a large slave body go. That there was a fearful number of fighting men the Bible record attests: “Moab became very frightened at the people, because they were many; and Moab began to feel a sickening dread of the sons of Israel.” (Nu 22:3) The fear on the part of the Moabites was, of course, based partly on the fact that Jehovah had worked such wonders for Israel but was also because of their great number, which could not be said of a mere few thousand people.

For, while there were only four generations from Levi to Moses, when viewed from the standpoint of the life span of these long-lived men, each of these men could have seen several generations or several sets of children born during his lifetime.

Even at the present time a man 60 or 70 years old often has grandchildren and may even have great-grandchildren (thus four generations living contemporaneously).

Seventy souls of Jacob’s immediate household went down into Egypt or were born there shortly thereafter.

(Ge 46) If we exclude Jacob himself, his 12 sons, his daughter Dinah, his granddaughter Serah, the three sons of Levi, and possibly others from the number of family heads who began to multiply in Egypt, we might be left with only 50 of the 70.

They apparently did not instruct the midwives under them as ordered.

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